BL Air Quality Inc. manages service contracts at sites throughout the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia region. Each contract is tailored to meet the specialized system requirements of our customers varied facilities, from small office buildings to high tech corporate campuses with numerous critical data and communication sites. Our flexible, customer-focused approach in servicing mechanical systems has enabled us to build a reliable team and maintain excellent customer relationships.

We bring a skillful working team to service your Residential and Commercial equipment, Hydronic Systems, Computer Room Equipment, Reciprocating and Screw Chillers, Pumps, Cooling Towers, Exhaust Systems, VFDs, VAV Boxes, Energy Management, D.D.C. electronic, Heatpump, Furnace, Boiler, Refrigeration, Appliance, Garbage Disposals, Blocked Drains, Booster Pump........ and more.


BL Air Quality Inc. staff of building systems professionals are dedicated to providing solutions and approaching every job with a positive "can-do" attitude. This level of professionalism is fostered through a commitment to mentoring and apprenticeship, continuing education, and internal training programs. From field technicians to licensed project managers and executive staff, the entire BL Air Quality Inc. team is dedicated to providing superior technical consultation, construction, and mechanical systems service.

The BL Air Quality Inc. team has always shown pride of workmanship on each job performed. Members of Steamfitter / HVAC Mechanical / Technician Union, our team is willing to share information to work under pressure and understands the importance of enhancing the relationship between the customer and themselves.

Consider contracting a member of our well-trained team to maintain your equipment and secure your Living Comfort.

What does it take for your office and home to have Quality clean, safe, affordable air?